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Located close enough to the ocean to benefit from the cooling sea breeze yet high enough to be above the fog on many days, the section of the Russian River Valley Appellation where Ottimino has its home is unsurpassed in yielding award winning Zinfandel wine. Originally planted in the early 20th century by an Italian immigrant known as "Ottimino" or "Little 8" (th2007 Zinfandel, Von Weidliche last of 8 children), the property is now owned and managed by Brad Alpert who carries on Ottimino's legacy. Owner-winemaker William Knuttel's 25 years experience, along with his creativity and intuition, guide him as he transforms fruit from the vine into unparalleled wine.

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2014 Zinfinity, Sonoma County

2014 Zinfandel, Russian River - Rancho Bello Vineyard

2014 Zinfandel, Russian River - Ottimino Vineyard

2014 Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley - Biglieri Vineyard




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